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Horse Sanctuary in Majorca | Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation

At our horse sanctuary in Mallorca, we dedicate our efforts to rescue and care for horses that have been victims of abuse or neglect. On this website, you will find all the information about our sanctuary, our mission, how you can help us and join us to continue this work.

We invite you to enroll in our free course “Essential Care for Equines” at New Life Mallorca. You’ll learn everything necessary to keep your horses happy and healthy, from feeding and hygiene to hoof and coat health. Register today and embark on a journey towards a closer and more enriching relationship with your horses!

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1€ per month

With 1€ a month, you help us to continue saving lives, you help us to face new rescues and that our inhabitants have a perfect diet for their recovery. You also help us grow in infrastructure, management, maintenance and habitat growth.

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You can make your one-time or recurring contribution through our PayPal account or through Bank Transfer. Very soon we will have our Bizum available.

IBAN: ES89 2100 0089 5102 0045 5912

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We have created an online store with various products to promote our sanctuary. All the benefits that we obtain from each sale will be destined for our inhabitants.

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If you prefer to make your donation with material things it is also possible. Feed, fodder, construction material for fencing, sheds, second-hand equine equipment, equine medication, carrots, apples… Everything is welcome and greatly appreciated.

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Let's change the world together.

    A Corner of Hope: This rescue association truly represents a corner of hope for animals that have faced challenges. Their unwavering dedication to providing a loving and caring environment is truly inspiring. Every time I visit, I can see the happiness in the eyes of the rescued animals, and that is a testament to the exceptional work they do. I am grateful for their commitment to animal welfare and their contribution to the world.

    Incredible Humanitarian Effort: I am impressed by the dedication and love shown in this rescue association. They are not only saving lives but also providing a loving and secure home. Their commitment to animal welfare is inspiring and fills me with hope.

    An Exceptional Refuge: This rescue association is a true sanctuary for animals in need. Every creature is treated with such love and care, evident in their joyful demeanor. It's heartwarming to witness how they transform lives and provide a second chance to these beings.

    Passionate Team: I couldn't be happier with the work this rescue association is doing. The team behind it shows an unmatched passion and dedication to animal welfare. Their commitment to rehabilitation and responsible adoption is commendable. I am grateful for the work they do and the positive impact they have on the community and the lives of these animals.